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Stellest vs Miyosmart Spectacle Lenses for Myopia Management Comparison

EssilorLuxottica Stellest VS Hoya Miyosmart

Among myopia control spectacle lenses, Essilor Stellest and Hoya Miyosmart have top tier effectiveness in controlling myopia progression. Miyosmart has been in the Australian market since 2019, whereas Stellest was launched in late 2022.
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Similarities between EssilorLuxottica Stellest and Hoya MiYOSMART

Hoya Miyosmart
Stellest and Miyosmart requires minimum adaptation from your child, they are safe and non-invasive and the lenses look cosmetically appealing (like regular glasses).

They are also made from polycarbonate. It is the most impact resistant material in the market which is also thin and light. This allow the lenses to be suitable and safe for active kids as well.
Stellest and Miyosmart both use myopic defocus to control myopia progression. This allows your child to have clear central vision and defocus segments at the peripheral to control the myopia progression.
However, the design of the lenses are different.

Differences between Essilor Stellest and Hoya MiyoSmart

Stellest has a constellation of aspherical lenslets on 11 rings. The power on the rings will create signals in front of the retina (a layer on the back part of the eye) to slow down elongation of the eye.
It is designed using H.A.L.T Technology (Highly Aspheral Lenslet Target).
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For Miyosmart, there are hundreds of small segments of constant myopic defocus evenly distributed (honeycomb structure) at the peripheral portion of the lenses.
It is designed using D.I.M.S Technology (Defocus Incorporated Mutliple Segment) is used.
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Stellest or Miyosmart – Which should you choose

As you can see from the features, both Miyosmart and Stellest are very similar product for myopia control. Both use myopic defocus to control myopia progression. The effectiveness of both products is about 60%.
Hoya Miyosmart has been around for about 4 years. Extensive clinical trials have been done with proven results. The latest three-year follow-up clinical study (following a two year study) showed that “slowing in myopia progression over time was sustained and the group that moved from regular single-vision to Miyosmart spectacle lens showed a significant and immediate slow-down in the progression of myopia.”
Stellest on the other hand is a newer product. Their results are based on a 2 year clinical trials involving 104 children compared to MiYOSMART 5 year study involving 160 subjects.
Is Stellest more effective than MiYOSMART? We cannot be certain as there are no studies that look at them against each other. However, they appear to be on par in efficacy.
Miyosmart is tried and tested in the Australian market, while Stellest is new, however, with features that are very appealing and make sense that they may potentially be more effective.
Miyosmart also comes in photochromatic and polarised options, however, their antireflective coating is easily scratched. Stellest has a superior scratch resistant coating and the rings are closer to the pupil which may mean that potentially there is a more effective myopia management effect. At times, I switch patients from one to the other and they have improved results.

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