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Binocular Vision

The Importance of Binocular Vision Assessment in Learning & Comfortable Vision

Most people are familiar with refractive errors, "long-sightedness" or hyperopia, "short-sightedness" or myopia, and astigmatism. However, the vast majority of patients have no idea what binocular vision testing refers to and are often surprised when they have their binocular vision assessed at my clinic.
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In order to achieve clear and comfortable vision, the eyes need to be able to work together quickly and accurately, as well as focus appropriately. Our brains combine the information that we receive from both our eyes to create one single image (so you're not seeing double!) that helps us interpret the world around us in a 3D and efficient way.
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When the information being received from both eyes are not successfully combined due to eye teaming or focusing issues, then you may feel the following symptoms:
  • headaches
  • blurred vision
  • dizziness
  • eyestrain
  • double vision
  • problems reading
  • tired and sore eyes


In the majority of cases of binocular vision dysfunction, a carefully prescribed pair of glasses that may incorporate supportive plus lenses that relax the eyes, or prism lenses will be helpful. In addition to this, vision therapy exercises may complement your treatment to relieve your symptoms of eye strain. 

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