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Available Monday 9-6, Wednesday 11-8, Thursday 9-5, Friday 9-5, Saturday 11-4.

These hours may change from time to time, and an appointment is always necessary. Closed Tuesday and Sunday.

The Difference at Carina Eye Care

Visiting me at Carina Eye Care is unlike most optometry visits. You'll simply get me for every step of the way from greeting to examination, through to delivering your glasses, writing a report to your GP, referring you to a specialist, and reminding you to come back for your next eye examination.


Why is this a good thing?

  • You deal with one health professional for excellence in your continuity of care
  • I take full responsibility for my actions and do my best to provide the best outcome
  • I am the optometrist, receptionist, dispenser, and am also the owner so it is in my power to do whatever I can to find a solution for you
  • I am in it for the long run and am looking for patients who appreciate the attention to detail, quality service, and comprehensive healthcare that I provide

Eye examinations are bulk-billed on Medicare, HICAPS payments are accepted from health insurance, and prices are tailored to suit your needs.

Why did I decide to set up Carina Eye Care as a one-woman-optometry-practice?


After almost 10 years practicing as an optometrist, and 4 years prior working as an casual optical dispenser, I developed strong views as to how I would like to serve others through eye care. 


My preference is to be involved from start to finish so that I can ensure what I'm prescribing is accurately reflected in the glasses or contact lenses that you are given. Follow up examinations are also important in order to monitor how my management plan is tracking, so that I can alter treatment if necessary.

Contact Dr Carina Trinh by emailing, sending a text to or calling 0423 590 959.

You can also contact her over Facebook or Instagram #carinaeyecare.  

Please make sure that you book an appointment if you plan to visit Carina Eye Care at 40 Neich Parade, Burwood NSW 2134.