Announcement: I will be closed until 13th August for annual leave.

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Dr Carina Trinh (Optometrist) is currently on annual leave and will return to office on Tuesday 13th August 2024

By appointment only (no walk-ins or browsing unless scheduled)

All health funds are accepted

Carina's daughter is now a toddler but may still interrupt appointments from time to time.

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Eye Care Services

I have structured my fees in a way that enables me to provide the care that I believe you deserve. I am a general optometrist with a detailed approach, and these are some of my areas of interests.
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Myopia Management

Childhood myopia can lead to serious eye diseases, some of which are irreversible and sight threatening. There are many ways that we can now slow down the progression of myopia. Proactive treatment with axial length monitoring is beneficial and the new gold standard.

Dry Eye Management

"Dry Eye" is often a chronic and progressive condition. It is very common and is usually caused by more than one factor. My goal is to treat your condition so that your comfort, vision, and ultimately your quality of life is improved. Treatment begins with conservative options and addressing environmental and lifestyle factors.

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Childrens Eye Examinations

Vision is so important for learning as it is the main sense that is utilised at school. Many subtle visual issues can be overlooked when your child is assessed at a school screening or undertaking a routine eye exam, as your child may have "20/20" vision but be straining their eyes and concentrating extremely hard to achieve that.

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Eye Strain Assessment

If you're experiencing headaches, blurred vision, eye strain, double vision, problems with reading, or tired and sore eyes. Make sure to get your eyes assessed for refractive error, accommodation, and eye-teaming.

Featured Products

I have been certified to provide all options for myopia management. These include spectacle lenses, contact lenses, orthokeratology, and therapeutic medication low dose atropine eye drops. I also have access to premium quality extra thin lenses for high spectacle prescriptions and have suitable options across all budgets.
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