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Recommended Restaurants & Cafes

An array of dishes displayed on a white table in a bright dining setting. The spread includes various beverages, salads, grilled items, desserts, and sandwiches, all presented on assorted plates and glasses
Food spread from The Picnic Cafe in Burwood - the salmon tartine is a personal favourite pictured here down the bottom on charcoal toast

Local restaurants & cafes that I love in Burwood! Hope that you like them too.

Asian Food

  • Mr Stonebowl (yummy Chinese food, in particular the salty egg prawns and the sweet & sour deep fried egg plant)
  • Spicy Joint (can't go wrong with the chicken on the first page of their menu)
  • Wonton Warrior (the type of dumplings that go into soup)
  • Macau Noodle Kitchen (great value for Cantonese food)
  • Lanzhou Noodles 1919 and 1915 (there's 2 restaurants with different offerings)
  • Chungking (Chinese - that spicy fish soup that comes in a massive bowl)
  • De Vu Cafe (Vietnamese - for a really dense banh mi pork roll)
  • Sydney Dumpling King (heaps of different dumplings to try)
  • Hotstar (best sweet potato chips)
  • Hong Kong Yue Baby (fun Honkie-style snacks, I love the soy milk drink with tofu)

Other Food

  • El Jannah's (charcoal chicken and the best garlic sauce, but my favourite is the the beef shawarma roll!)
  • Onyx (if you feel like a bit of fine dining, a fancy steak, beef tartare, or some lamb)

Coffee & Cafe Food

  • The Picnic (great location in the middle of Burwood Park)
  • Aurora Cafe (Burwood Plaza, great place for brunch type food)

Recommended Products

  • Huong's Chilli Oil made by my cousin, named after my maternal grandmother. Made from locally home-grown chilli and a whole lot of love. 

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