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Glasses and Sunglasses

Glasses can sometimes be a confusing purchase with a plethora of options for optical stores, frame styles, lens options, and conflicting marketing online.


Glasses and Sunglasses

At Carina Eye Care, I help you with the decision-making process by providing you with my honest opinion on what is actually necessary to avoid unnecessary spending, yet provide practical solutions.
Being an independent optometry practice means that I have no particular ties to any supplier, and therefore am able to access almost any product on the market. I also am a glasses and contact lens wearer myself, so I understand what it's like to wear glasses.
My personal priorities for glasses selection are:
  • Comfort of the frame (fits well)
  • Style (suits my personality)
  • Durability (avoid fragile styles and materials)
  • Weight of lenses (suitable to the prescription)
  • Practicality (photochromatic/polarised etc.)
  • Pricing (reasonable)
Customer with Carina Glasses

My collection

This is why I make sure that my collection includes:
  • Both Asian-fit and Western-fit spectacle & sunglass frames in lightweight nylon, Italian acetate, titanium, stainless steel, and other metals
  • K-pop, modern, chic, timeless, and conservative styles
  • Children specific lightweight, flexible, and strong eyewear including Tomato, Lipo, and in-house affordable alternatives
  • Budget No-Gap Eyewear range
  • Premium top-quality Eyewear ranges
  • Certified Safety Eyewear for vocational use, hobbies, or simply extra protection
  • Cycling or lifestyle eyewear such as Australian brand Mallee Bull, or French cycling brand Bollé
  • Dry Eye management specific eyewear such as 7Eye, Ziena, and EyeEco

Let's take care of your eyes!

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