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MiSight 1 Day


MiSight is a special contact lens that is designed to treat children who are progressing in their myopia (short-sightedness). Information from the manufacturer can be found here. It is the first ever contact lens designed for children to treat myopia progression.
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Suitable for children

This contact lens was designed for children, and is made of a soft plastic by a major contact lens company.
This is a daily disposable contact lens which means that there is very low risk of contamination and infection when appropriate hand washing and hygiene is followed.

Benefits for children

Very active children can find glasses annoying for sports and play. So, most children will benefit from having a contact lens option as part of their myopia management strategy.
Poor sleepers or those children who don't have much of a routine may find use of daily disposable contact lenses easier to incorporate into their day compared to orthokeratology
This type of contact lens corrects up to -10.00, but alternative brands can correct more
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Are contact lenses safe for children?

Evidence shows that young children are actually much safer contact lens wearers when compared to adults in their 20s. The risk of infection in daily disposable contact lenses like MiSight is 1 in 5000, in other words if there are 5000 children wearing contact lenses for 1 year, 1 of those children will develop an eye infection. Or, if your child were to wear contact lenses for 5000 years, then they may develop one eye infection. For more information about the safety of contact lens wear in children, please watch this short video.

Why haven’t I heard about MiSight contact lenses?

MiSight is not available everywhere because it requires specific training and accreditation to prescribe the lens for your child. 

What is the process to get my child fitted with MiSight?

There are a series of steps that begin with:
Step 1: Have a full comprehensive consultation
You will need to have had a full comprehensive initial consultation with me to have your prescription measured, and your eye health assessed. 
Step 2: Book a contact lens fitting & teach appointment.
If your child is suitable for the MiSight contact lens, then an appointment will be scheduled to have your child fitted and taught how to insert and remove the lenses. 

What if my child can’t work out how to use the lenses?

Most children aged 8-12 are able to learn how to insert and remove contact lenses easily, and on average take only 15-20 minutes longer than a teenager or adult would. Any extra practice sessions can be booked in without any additional cost.

What are the alternative options?

There is also NaturalVue and SEED EDOF 1 Day, Johnson & Johnson Abiliti 1 Day, and Biofinity Multifocal contact lenses. Please book an appointment to find out what options may be most suitable for your child.

Let's take care of your child's eyes!

Available hours will change from time to time, so please check through the online booking portal, email, WhatsApp, or SMS with any requests.

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