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MiyoSmart Lenses


Miyosmart is a special spectacle lens that is designed to treat children who are progressing in their myopia (short-sightedness). Information from the manufacturer can be found here. It is the first ever spectacle lens created with Defocus Incorporated Multiple Segments (D.I.M.S.) Technology for children to treat myopia progression. It is also the first spectacle lens that has shown to be similarly effective as orthokeratology, MiSight 1 Day contact lenses, and 0.05% low dose atropine medication eye drops in slowing down myopia.
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At Carina Eye Care, there are several options that you and your child can choose to ensure an ideal fit of their glasses, to therefore provide the best protection possible through the technology of the MiyoSmart lenses. The fit of the frame will depend on your child's facial anatomy. For example, whether they have a well developed nasal bridge, the width of their head, the and distance between their eyes.

1. Tomato Frames

Tomato frames are and excellent choice for most children, as they are highly adjustable, and have different nose pads suitable for different types of noses. They are manufactured in Korea, and have been specifically designed for children. Tomato frames are also customisable, whereby your child can choose what colour the front and side of the frame is. It also comes with a screwdriver, spare screws, extra temples tips, and a strap. If your child manages to damage/break any part, spare parts are easily available to repair the glasses without needing to order a whole new frame.

2. Designer Frames

Designer frames such as Lacoste (sometimes glow in the dark!), and Nike frames for your fashion / brand savvy child. These are very well made and fashionable frames that come with a 2 year unconditional warranty for breakage. I will ensure that your child only walks away with a frame choice that fits them well, as some frames undoubtedly will fit better than others. The idea is also to aim to maximise the area of the lens that incorporates the DIMS segments of the Miyosmart lenses.

3. Bendy Frames

Bendy frames are a budget in-house option that fit very well on children. They are very flexible, soft, and comfortable for kids. These are my go-to when parents are concerned about their children being rough and sometimes careless. Sometimes, adults opt to go for this range for themselves!

4. Leaf & Jelly Frames

Assorted budget-friendly range offering fashionable choices for young ones in a variety of different colours and shapes.
Black Glasses

4. Leaf Frames

Leaf frames are another budget option which is very lightweight and fashionable for children. These frames fit both children and adults, and come in a variety of colours that many kids adore.


In order to maximise the efficacy of the MiyoSmart lens, it's important for the measurements to be taken accurately. I will be personally taking the interpupillary distance and pupil heights necessary to order these lenses from premium optical lens manufacturing company Hoya who has been licensed to supply the MiyoSmart lens design.

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