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Ziena and 7Eye product

The Ziena brand focuses on alleviating dry eyes with its patented Moisture Chamber Technology and offers high-quality lenses with UV protection. The frames can be also be fitted with prescription single vision and multifocal / progressive lenses in clear, tinted, polarised, or photochromatic options. On the other hand, the 7Eye brand is tailored for extreme conditions, providing excellent wind protection and durability, making it ideal for outdoor activities, particularly for being on motorcycles or motor scooters.
7 EYE Airshield Collection

7 EYE ZIENA Moisture Chamber Collection

Ziena glasses come with a removable silicone moisture chamber gasket. The gasket provides a moisture chamber around the eye and is ideal for relieving Dry Eye Symptoms and protection from wind and airborne contaminants.
E.g. people who suffer from Dry Eye. Has also been used by doctors for protection from Covid in the workplace.
Black and clear framed glasses with the brand name 'Ziena' written on the temple.

How the Moisture Chamber Works

The patented discreet silicone shield increases moisture while blocking out wind, air, & other airborne irritants.
Micro-magnets hold the shield in place for easy removal or replacement.
Moisture Chamber provides black and white color

Choose Your Silicone Gasket Colour

The moisture chamber gasket is available in 2 colour options,  frost (default) & black. The black eyecup is ideal for those with light sensitivity.

7 EYE Airshield Collection

The AirShield is designed for Optimum Fit and can be removed or replaced. Ideally, it should follow the contour of the face, therefore a fitting appointment is necessary to find the best seal around your eyes.
The AirShield is made from a fast drying fabric overcoat that quickly absorbs and whisks away moisture.
The AirShield is removable for those occasions when full protection isn't required. Replacement AirShield Gaskets can be purchased online or by special order at Carina Eye Care.
It's patented Orbital Seal uses filtered vents to manage airflow around the eyes and reduce fogging, while blocking wind, glare and airborne irritants from interfering with your vision.
7 EYE Airshield Collection
7 EYE Airshield Collection
7 EYE Airshield Collection
7 EYE Airshield Collection

Recommended Product

Moisture Release Eyewear

EyeEco "TranquilEyes" Moisture Release Eyewear - Premium Gasket

Limited stock is available of EyeEco Moisture Release Eyewear, which was an innovative solution designed specifically for individuals suffering from dry eye conditions such as Aqueous Deficient Dry Eye and Sjögren's Syndrome, as well as ocular allergies. This unique eyewear is an alternative to the Ziena and 7Eye range to provide relief and protection, improving your daily eye comfort.
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